Steel product manufacturers in the modern market offer their clients a wide range of structures made from various metals and alloys, cast iron, and aluminium. However, the most popular products among customers are stainless steel products because they are:
- strong and durable;
- reliable and resistant to environmental impacts.

These products are used for the production of load-bearing structures, beams, stairs, and industrial equipment.

Structural steel fabrication

Methods of manufacturing steel structures

The following methods are used to manufacture steel structures:
- welding - heating two parts along the joint line until the metal melts. Two types of welding are used: electric arc welding and gas flame welding;
- bonding - joining parts at the molecular level using special adhesive connections. This technology is considered the safest and simplest;
- assembly using screws and rivets - a mechanical method of production.

Regardless of the method used by the plant for manufacturing structures, prepared products are strictly controlled throughout the entire processing process.

Structural steel fabrication

Equipment for manufacturing steel structures

In the workshops of the plants, highly qualified specialists and engineers work, as well as specialised equipment is used:
- plasma cutting machine;
- guillotine - scissors for cutting sheet metal when manufacturing large-sized steel products;
- bending (peeling) press - deforms sheet metal of any strength;
- band sawing machine - for cutting round bars, pipes, angles;
- band sawing machine - for cutting round rolls, pipes, angles;
- tables for sheet bending – for bending cylindrical-shaped blanks;
- equipment for galvanising and painting - surface treatment of the metal with the aim of increasing its service life.


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