Designing steel structures is an essential stage in creating objects of varying complexity, scale, and purpose. Skilled engineers conduct thorough complex calculations, create drawings, and write explanatory notes that decipher all parameters and properties of the structure. The design is carried out according to the requirements of the client or the chief designer at a design bureau, typically situated within the walls of the manufacturing enterprise.

Stages of the design process:

Design of steel structures

Developing drawings of steel structures - at this stage, necessary load calculations are carried out, and steel grades, primary nodes, and project plan schemes are determined. The explanatory notes outline all calculations related to loads on steel structures, the volume of steel used, its cost-effectiveness, and the cost of work. Steel structure drawings constitute the first, general stage of the design process.

ПDesign of steel structures

Developing detailed drawings of steel structures - at this stage, the drawings include precise and detailed information: exact dimensions of components, the grade and type of steel used, and the calculation of the overall cost of work.


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