The assembly and installation of steel structures is a process that involves assembling and setting up parts of steel structures or fully finished products. The assembly of steel structures is carried out exclusively based on a well-developed, accurately calculated, and approved project. The project usually provides a detailed description of the installation technology and requirements for the work order.

Steel structure assembly

Steel structure assembly technology

The construction begins with the creation of a reinforced concrete foundation.
The following stages are:
- Installing columns - using anchor bolts or steel support plates;
- Crane beam assembly - a highly intricate process, akin to fine craftsmanship. The accuracy and proper installation of columns depend on the professionalism of the installers, who, while on special supports, control and adjust the beam installation;
- Truss assembly - lifting the truss to the design height using a crane, rotating the element with tensioners, lowering the truss onto the column's installation table, securing it, and further fastening with bolts.

Steel structure assembly

Methods of connecting elements during assembly

Connecting elements is a vital stage of assembly work. Various types of connections are possible:
- Welding - a reliable and robust method of fastening, widely used in construction;
- Bolted connections - a fastening method that can confidently be called the most complex and labour-intensive;
- Riveting - the most expensive process, primarily used for attaching elements in hard-to-reach places.


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