Many sectors of the economy - engineering, energy, construction - are impossible to imagine without the use of steel structures. In construction, beams, channels, profiles, angles, rolled wire, and other steel and aluminium products are increasingly used. Steel structures are robust elements that enable the creation of reliable and durable constructions, resistant to natural whims and mechanical loads.

Steel frame building

Stages of steel structure production

How does the entire production process proceed as a whole?
Steel structure production is organised in the following workshops:
- Steel preparation workshop - here, metal is unloaded, sorted by grades, marked, and stored;
- Steel processing workshop - in this area, metal is marked, cut, bent, holes for bolts are made, and milling is conducted;
- Assembly and welding workshop - here, structures are assembled and welded, transforming the metal into fully-fledged products;
- Painting and loading workshop - in this space, finished structures are primed, painted, and loaded onto railway platforms for further transportation.

Steel frame building

Methods of steel structure production

Manufacturing steel structures is a complex, lengthy, and labour-intensive process. Such structures are challenging to produce in a home-based setting. Complex steel structures can only be made in modern enterprises with high-tech equipment, using precise drawings.


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